How to Maintain and Maintain Loadometer

Weighbridge is widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, logistics, coal and other fields because of its accurate and fast weighing, reliable and stable performance and long-distance transmission.In order to make the weighbridge more accurate and easier to be used, we need to do a good job in daily maintenance of the weighbridge. The specific maintenance operations are:

1. Implement the system of special person in charge

As we all know, weighbridges are precision and precious instruments and the truck weighbridge for sale is an improtant product of Haoyu. When we use them, we need to set up a special management system and establish records of use and maintenance. In addition, if the weighbridge is not used for a long time, remember to keep it protected from sun, moisture and dust.

2. Charge the weighbridge in time

Generally, the battery pack equipped on the weighbridge is a rechargeable battery with limited capacity. If you don't use it for a long time or show the indication of low power during work, you need to charge the battery in time to avoid affecting the service life of the battery. Always check whether the battery package is damaged and the leads are in good condition to prevent short circuit and damage to the battery and the weighbridge circuit.

3. Do not disassemble weighbridge parts at will

During the normal use of the weighbridge, don't disassemble the parts on the weighbridge at will, let alone the seals of the weighbridge load cell and the integrated circuit on the meter. The necessary maintenance must be carried out under the guidance of relevant technicians or after having certain maintenance knowledge to prevent the fault from expanding.

4. Avoid violent pushing and collision of the weighbridge

The weighbridge proudced by electronic weighing scale manufacturers in china is composed of many electronic components, including integrated circuit, Shi Ying crystal, weighing display device, weighing sensor, etc. If the weighbridge is pushed and collided by violent external force, these accessories may be damaged, resulting in weighbridge failure, affecting the accuracy and even the normal use. The weighbridge weighing display should be handled with care and carefully managed.

5. Keep the weighbridge clean as a whole

Keeping the weighbridge clean plays a positive role in prolonging the service life and improving the measurement accuracy. Keep all parts of the weighbridge free from dust and oil pollution, keep all movable joints flexible and free, and prevent corrosion. Dust and cleaning should be carried out in time when the weighbridge is used in harsh environments such as dusty and corrosive gas.

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