Common Faults and Maintenance of Electronic Scales

The electronic weighing scale cannot be turned on

Weight electronic scale may not turn on due to power abnormalities. In this case, connecting the battery can turn it on, but only using the adapter won't work. If the buzzer beeps normally after turning on, but the display screen does not show anything, it may be a display abnormality. In this case, it is crucial to check if the battery is depleted and replace it in a timely manner to troubleshoot the issue.

The weight displayed on the electronic weighing scale is inaccurate

The internal code value of the electronic scale is unstable, certain parts of the sensor may have friction, the stable power supply is unstable, the operational amplifier circuit is abnormal, there are foreign objects in the A/D circuit board, resistor capacitance aging leakage, etc., all of which could cause inaccurate weighing results. When there is inaccurate weighing, it is essential to check the sensor signal value to see if it is within the standard range. Additionally, use calibration weights to test if the scale plate feet are level, and if not, perform calibration and then follow the instruction manual for electronic scale calibration.

The display on the electronic weighing scale is poor

Poor display may be due to wiring issues. It is important to check for oxidation, cold soldering, or short circuits on the CPU and LCD connections. Furthermore, check if there are any open circuits between the CPU and LCD. Connecting the normal LCD pins to the repair scale LCD for comparison can help in troubleshooting and diagnosis.

Abnormal sounds from the electronic weighing scale

When the weighing scale electric suddenly has no sound when turned on, there are two possibilities. One is that the buzzer is faulty, and the other is that the manufacturer has set volume parameters that accidentally turned off the sound. Analysis of these two possibilities is necessary for troubleshooting. If the sound is abnormal after turning on, loud or soft, or hoarse, it is likely that the buzzer is faulty.

Abnormal key functions on the electronic weighing scale

If the electronic scale has poor button contact or difficulty in pressing the keys, simply replacing the keys may resolve the issue. If replacing the keys does not work, it may indicate a faulty CPU on the mainboard, requiring a CPU replacement. Start by testing the K/B function, if the new K/B functions properly, then the issue may be with the previous K/B. Check for open circuits, cold soldering, poor contact on the K/B socket, and possible short circuits or open circuits on the K/B and CPU circuit loops.

The battery on the electronic weighing scale cannot hold a charge

If the battery cannot hold a charge, check the fuse, power switch, power cord, and voltage switch. If everything appears to be in order, check if the transformer's input and output are normal. Remove the battery from the board and use a multimeter to measure the board and check if the charging voltage is at the standard value. If the voltage is too low, inspect the power-related circuits for proper functionality. Lastly, check if the battery has reached the end of its lifespan and consider replacing it if necessary.

Adjustment of angle difference in a single sensor electronic weighing scale

Start by recalibrating the weight using one-third of the full load weight to measure the four corners of the scale plate. Observe the displayed values and file the corner with the lowest measurement value. Then zero the scale and file the corner with the lowest measurement value. It is important to file gently to avoid damaging the sensor. Repeat this process until the four corners of the scale plate are within ±1 jump compared to the center. Then recalibrate the weight. It may take two to three repetitions to fine-tune. Pay attention to the sensor specifications – the lighter the load, the lighter the filing force. If the measurement error at the four corners is too large and cannot be adjusted after several filings, it may indicate that the sensor is no longer functional or that the filing method is incorrect, requiring a careful analysis of the reasons.

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