Haoyu Digital Scales

Haoyu is a professional digtal scale manufacturer in China, and our products inclulds digital electronic weighing scales, retail table scales, digital indicators, digital balances, special scales, livestock scales, medical scales, vehicle weighing scales and kitchen scales. Digital scale plays an important role in various types of industries, like education, agriculture, healthcare, mining and so on. We promise to only provide first-class products, in addition to precision and quality, Haoyu digital scale can be customized and "Accurate, fast and stable" can meet the needs of different users.

Haoyu Digital Scale Applications

As a top electronic scale supplier in China, Haoyu's equipment supports weighing technology. Our products are sold throughout manufacturing, industrial, scientfic, shipping, medical, retail, personal sectors, providing technical service and helping collaborative production. You can choose digital scales according to the different applications. In addition, we can also provide OEM services to meet the different requirements of clients all over the world. Our team will conduct a needs analysis and provide expert recommendations for the most dynamic and functional product designs.


Our Industrial Digital Floor Scales and bench scale are used in a wide range of applications throughout many industries and industrial segments worldwide.

Education and Laboratory

Science teachers and experimenters have relied on Haoyu digital scale equipment. We support durable appliances.

Agriculture and Farming

Monitoring weighing of food management and livestock farming. We offer professional design, large weighing range.


Digital bathroom scales allow a person to measure and track their body weight.

Mining and Construction

For mining and construction industries, you will need our special scales, large capacity,


Digital jewelry scales are important to have at your jeweller's bench to weigh precious metal during jewelry designing.

Transport and Logistics

Digital scales are crucial to the operations of many businesses especially when it comes to transportation and logistics.

Stores & Supermarket

Haoyu provides perfect weighing solutions for grocery retailers.

Chemical and Materials

Laboratory balances are used to measure an object's mass to a very high degree of precision.

Why Choose Haoyu Digital Scales

We are one of the most professional electronic weighing scale manufacturers in China, with good quality and reasonable price. Products mainly include electronic price scale, weighing scale, counting scale, platform scale, floor scale, and crane scale, etc.

About Haoyu

Established in 2004, Haoyu is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific and technological development, production, trade, and sales. We are a professional digital scale manufacturer, with good quality and reasonable price. Products mainly include electronic price scale, weighing scale, counting scale, platform scale, floor scale and crane scale etc. TCS, Our digital scales have the characteristics of high quality and reasonable price, OCS, ACS, CE, and ISO9001 Certification.

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Haoyu is a professional company specializing in manufacturing of different types of digital scales with affordable price and considerate service. Here you can get more latest news about Haoyu scales. We will also update industry news of digital scales.

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