Floor Scales

Floor Scales

Renowned for their strength, reliability and accuracy, floor scales have stood the test of time in harsh environments all over the world. All of our scales are easy to install, use and maintain, so they won't slow your business down.

Our floor scales are available in a range of sizes, capacities and prices to suit every application. Many are portable scales and some are suited for specialized environments. With a rechargeable lead acid battery included, position the floor scale freely in the workspace without having to be forced to work near an outlet.

Painted steel ramps are available to be added to any platform, which provide bottom support ribs that prevent the platform from bending under heavy loads.

Types of Floor scales


Applications of Floor Scales

  1. Weighing plays an important role in the Agricultural and Farming products industry. Whether tracking arable yields, managing feed ingredients and livestock performance, or trading in raw agricultural produce such as wheat, rice, lentils/pulses, sugar-cane, tea or spices, weighing is critical to your bottom line.

  2. The floor scale is used in large raw material enterprises to weigh the incoming and outgoing weight of raw materials for easy recording.

  3. Weighbridges are used in highway toll booths. There are many places on the road that require tolls for weighing, and these places often cause vehicles to wait in line due to the inefficiency of weighing. While affecting income, it will also cause highway congestion. Therefore, it is very necessary to use weighbridges.

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