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Weighing Machine for Agriculture & Farmers

Farming scales are integral to the operation of working farms, whether the speciality is livestock or cash crop. Farm scales affecting the bottom line are also essential for the day-to-day operation of the farm.

If you're in the cash crop business, there are several reasons why you might need a farming scale.

First, weighing the crop from a specific area or field can help the farmer determine the arability of the land or track the yield of a particular harvest.

In addition, the weight when trading raw produce, such as wheat or soybeans, is critical to the bottom line of the business to comply with trading standards and ensure your customers are getting the correct quantities.

The other use of a weigh scale is for livestock. It can be used to measure feed and help with planning and managing its inventory.

However, the more common and important use of a weigh scale for livestock is to physically weigh the animals to track performance and estimated profits.

There are a lot of different types of Weigh Scale For Agriculture and Farming Platform Scales produced by the electronic scale supplier. They are built to withstand the wear and tear of weighing large, bulky items continually all day. The platform itself is large enough to accommodate cumbersome objects which makes it ideal for weighing things on a farm like livestock.

Farm platform scales are close to the ground, often with a diamond plate surface. This makes it easy for larger livestock like cows and pigs to walk on without much effort or alarm.

Also, Farm platform scales are multifunctional so their use is not simply limited to livestock; you can weigh things like grain, hay bales, etc. However, if you wish to weigh any crops that still might be in wagons or carts, then you would require another type of scale.

If you're specializing in cash crops, then you’ll like need to invest in some type of vehicle scale in order to weigh harvest loads. Farm truck scales can be configured in a number of different ways so to determine which size would be best for your needs, consult an expert at Active Scale.

Depending on the layout of your farm or what you're weighing, you might want to consider portable vehicle scales which are also know as heavy duty floor scales. These scales are wireless and waterproof so you can bring them out to the field with you and weigh your crop onsite.

Portable scales are also helpful if you’re navigating a particularly cumbersome load, as they’re easier to manoeuvre without trying to load it into a barn or garage.

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