Precautions for Using Electronic Scales and Electronic Balances

With the development of the social economy, the country's industrialization process has made great progress, and the application of electronic balances and electronic scales is becoming more and more widespread. Electronic balances and electronic scales have become important weighing instruments in society. There are significant differences in the scope of use and accuracy of electronic balances and electronic scales.

Preparation before weighing with electronic balance

Electronic balances need to be stable before weighing. It is necessary to ensure that the overall magnetic steel and magnetic flux maintain a fixed thermal equilibrium index, in order to effectively read data and ensure the stability and reliability of the overall weighing process. To ensure stability, it is necessary to zero the instrument after weighing an object before weighing another object.

Measurement process of electronic balance

Use standard weights that comply with national verification regulations to measure the indication value of the balance through direct measurement method. Through measurement, the difference between the actual measurement value of the balance and the agreed true value of the standard weight can be obtained as the indication value error of the balance.

Selection of installation mode for electronic scales

The installation of the electronic scale device needs to be installed in conjunction with the lifting facility. Therefore, electronic scales have various installation structure modes, and the environmental conditions and maintenance requirements vary. Therefore, the installation and modification of industrial electronic scales should choose different weighing schemes according to different structures and different site usage conditions.

Uncertainty of indication value caused by temperature instability and vibration of electronic balance

In the calibration or verification measurement process, the measurement environment is the first element that needs to be confirmed. The temperature and humidity requirements of the environment should be executed according to the requirements of the electronic balance in the national verification regulations. Measurement work can only begin after assessing and confirming the environmental conditions on-site. The control of environmental temperature, surrounding vibration, and other influences are within a controllable range. Therefore, the uncertainty caused by temperature instability and vibration has a minimal impact on the measurement results and can be ignored.

In conclusion, with the continuous improvement of electronic technology, the application scope of electronic balances and industrial electronic scales is expanding year by year. The different scope of use and accuracy also make their uses different. Currently, there are high-tech electronic scales that use modern sensor technology for data collection, which can combine electronic technology and microcomputer technology to achieve rapid weighing management of target objects. After many years of development, electronic balances and electronic scales have formed a rich and three-dimensional type system, gradually applicable to weighing operations in multiple fields, strengthening overall technical research, improving weighing accuracy, and being the development direction of future electronic weighing instruments.

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