How to Ensure the Electronic Crane Scale is Intact During Transportation?

There is only a two-letter difference between electronic crane scales and electronic scales, but the difference between the two is quite significant. There are many types of electronic scales, both of which are based on measurement. Electronic scales are mainly used to measure our weight and can also measure the weight of goods for buying and selling. However, electronic crane scales are different. Their main purpose is different. Electronic crane scales are measuring instruments that weigh items in a suspended state.

How to use electronic crane scales

  • Before using electronic crane scales, make sure to install the batteries properly and tighten the screws to prevent poor contact due to battery leakage. When the battery is low, it needs to be replaced promptly. The tools used for construction are different from other scales.

  • When the battery pack of the electronic hook scale is not used for a long time, take some time to charge the battery, and the battery should be placed in a suitable temperature and well-ventilated environment.

  • When disassembling the battery pack of the electronic hook scale, hold the base tightly instead of the cable cap to prevent the power cord from becoming loose and causing circuit faults.

  • Handle the electronic hook scale with care, as it is a measuring device that should not be placed randomly. Impact or severe vibration can cause damage to internal components. The internal electronic components are very important and precise for the electronic hook scale. Any damage can lead to data errors.

  • If you are not a technician, it is not recommended to disassemble the electronic hook scale at will because there are many lifting parts. Once some parts are missing due to disconnection, it can cause malfunctions.

  • Keep the electronic hook scale away from high temperatures and corrosive environments. It must operate in a normal environment.

In fact, the usage of electronic crane scales is quite simple. As long as you grasp the key points mentioned above, everyone will be able to use the electronic hook scale proficiently during construction.

Guarantee of electronic crane scales during transportation

Electronic hanging weighing scales are advanced electronic weighing products that use advanced scientific and technological means to monitor changes in the tension of heavy objects on the hook through sensors to read numerical values. The results are then displayed in Arabic numerals on the display screen. More advanced electronic hook scales are even connected to printers to print the results on paper for statistics. This is the advanced electronic hook scale.

Because electronic hanging weighing scales are integrated electromechanical products, they are more fragile than pure mechanical equipment, and therefore, manufacturers need to be very careful during transportation. Bumps and vibrations during transportation can cause the electronic hook scale to shake and collide. How can this be avoided?

There is actually no need to worry about the transportation of electronic hanging weighing scales because all electronic hanging weighing scales are stored independently and do not collide with each other. In order to prevent collisions between the electronic hanging scales and the packaging box during shaking, a layer of anti-collision foam and bubble wrap has been added to all electronic hanging scales before packaging, which effectively cushions the shaking of the electronic hanging scales. It is these handling methods that ensure that the electronic hook scales are delivered to consumers intact.

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