Electronic Truck Scale Specific Classification and the Main Function

Electronic scale is a fixed electronic scale with a single-chip microprocessor, which is used for static weighing of bulk goods such as automobiles. It is characterized by discontinuity during weighing, and there is no relative movement between the weighed object and the carrier during weighing.

1. With the rapid development of electronic weighing technology, there are many types of electronic truck scales. The common classifications are:

(1) According to the installation method, it can be divided into ground type and ground type.

(2) According to the transmission signal, it can be divided into analog and digital.

(3) According to the use environment, it is divided into explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof.

(4) According to the weighing method, it is divided into vehicle weighing and portable.

(5) According to the weighing platform manufacturing materials, it can be divided into steel structure platform and concrete platform.

2. No matter how it is classified, the functions of electronic truck scales are basically the same. It has the functions of storage, printing, calibration, etc. Except for some special-purpose electronic truck scales, they should usually have the following functions:

(1) The measurement function shall conform to the requirements of the current verification regulations in China on the graduation value, graduation degree, accuracy grade, etc.

(2) Weighing function, which meets the allowable weighing error specified by the state.

(3) Processing functions, such as setting index value, setting range, printing records, fault judgment and self-diagnosis, etc.

(4) The functions of peeling, zeroing, zero tracking, classification, accumulation and subtraction.

(5) functions of code, storage and digital scale calibration.

(6) User programming, automatic clock display, printing and interface functions.

(7) Anti-interference function and address allocation function.

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