How to Choose an Electronic Scale?

What are the appearance criteria for selecting electronic scales? Electronic scales are very widely used, but when choosing electronic scales, each person will have different selection criteria. How to choose the right electronic scale?

The appearance of electronic scales

When choosing electronic scales, most people will consider the appearance. From the current situation, the appearance of electronic scales is basically the requirement of many people, because round electronic scales are the most common for us. However, whether these electronic scales can meet the needs of personalized people now is very important. At many times, square electronic scales are more accurate than round electronic scales because they are more stable and have relatively large standing space. The stable state will also be measured, and the choice of color is also very important. Electronic scales are all placed on a flat surface, so being too ugly will definitely affect the structure of the home.

Anti-slip pad for electronic scales

When choosing electronic scales, we must look at whether they have anti-slip pads. We should place the electronic scales in the home on tiles. Here, it is important not to place them on uneven ground, which may cause errors. To some extent, soft carpets or uneven ground will make the measurement results less accurate, so we must pay extra attention to it.

Accuracy of electronic scales

If you want to choose electronic scales, then I believe most people are most concerned about accuracy. If the accuracy of an electronic scale is not particularly ideal, it will definitely cause a series of effects on us, so accuracy is crucial when choosing electronic scales.

If you want to choose an intelligent explosion-proof electronic scale, in order to ensure that all instruments of the whole device are clear and the service life is ensured, do not place them in direct sunlight. Generally, when using them, you must place them all in some flat places. When using this product, do not place it in places where dust or vibration is relatively severe, and also avoid using it in a humid environment.

The weighing sensor or weighing instrument has a reliable connection, and all systems should ensure good grounding. When using an intelligent explosion-proof electronic scale, it must stay away from the electromagnetic field, preferably away from some highly corrosive objects and flammable and explosive substances. It cannot be used in combustible gases that do not meet the explosion-proof level of the instrument, especially in places where lightning frequently occurs, reliable lightning arresters must be installed to ensure the safety of users and prevent damage to the entire product. During the actual use of intelligent explosion-proof electronic scales, it is strictly forbidden to use strong solvents to clean the surface. Do not inject liquids or other conductive particles into the instrument panel to prevent damage or electric shock to these instruments.

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