Comprehensive Lightning Protection Measures for Electronic Weighbridge Scale

Common lightning protection measures for electronic floor scales

  • When placing the electronic floor scale, the entire platform must be in contact with the ground. Then, use one or several cables to connect the scale body to the grounding stake. Pay attention to driving the grounding stake in the zero zone of the constant potential, and try to keep the grounding resistance small. In this way, there will be a large current return channel between the grounding stake and the platform, which can replenish electrons from the ground to neutralize when static electricity induction occurs, thereby avoiding damage to the electronic floor scale.

  • Lightning rods can be placed above the electronic floor scale to neutralize the charges in the cloud through the discharge effect of the sharp tip, preventing damage to the electronic floor scale due to lightning strikes.

  • The metal conduit through which the signal cables pass on the electronic floor scale must also be connected to the grounding grid.

  • A protective grounding must be set for each sensor of the electronic floor scale, that is, a grounding wire must be set at each sensor position, and a grounding stake must be set between the sensor and the "ground", and the grounding wire and grounding stake must be reliably connected or the grounding wire must be connected to the nearest ground bolt. However, the ground bolt must be connected to the internal steel reinforcement grounding grid of the foundation.

  • The wiring box of the electronic floor scale must have a grounding wire connected to the scale body.

  • The power supply of the electronic floor scale must be grounded, and a surge protector must be installed.

  • The shell of the weighing display instrument of the electronic floor scale must be grounded. In the weighing room, grounding stakes must be installed and connected to the internal steel reinforcement grid of the scale (ground). When a plastic shell is used, a layer of metal film must be sprayed on the inner surface of the shell before grounding.

  • The shielding layer of the signal cable of the weighing sensor must be grounded. When the electronic floor scale and the floor scale are powered by the municipal power grid, there is a long distance of signal cable from the distribution room to the installation location, and there is also a long distance of signal cable from the platform to the weighing room, thereby avoiding damage caused by lightning strikes or causing explosions due to electromagnetic induction.

Lightning protection technology for electronic floor scales

  • Principle: Using modern lightning protection design specifications combined with the structural principles of electronic scales.

  • Principle: Comprehensive protection, systematic protection, progressive voltage limiting.

  • Purpose: Ensure the measurement accuracy of the electronic floor scale is not affected by any impact on effective lightning protection.

  • Specific composition: Provide equipotential protection for various parts of the electronic floor scale, such as sensors, secondary instruments, etc.; through equipotential protection, make the basic potential of the entire system change with the ground potential, avoid damage to the equipment by high potential; cut off the electrical channel between the sensor elastic body and the platform, and set up a current release channel separately. When there is a lightning strike, the lightning current can be diverted into the ground through the shunt device of the sensor, eliminating the possible harm of the electromagnetic field to the sensor; use multi-level lightning protection technology to protect the power supply; install a copper strip around the measurement room as a lightning protection grounding, and build a lightning protection grounding grid around the platform; install a lightning recorder to accurately record the time and current intensity of lightning strikes.

Precautions for lightning protection of electronic floor scales

  • The distance between grounding devices needs to be increased, generally should be greater than 5 meters.

  • The grounding body should be buried at an appropriate depth to reduce grounding resistance.

  • In lightning protection, make use of natural high conductors according to local conditions.

  • When introducing grounding wires, they should be far away from other grounding systems, especially lightning protection or power grid neutral point grounding wire systems.

In conclusion, people should understand the comprehensive lightning protection measures for electronic floor scales, in order to prevent lightning incidents and avoid possible economic losses.

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