Guide to Choosing a Scale

1. Weighing scale shape

At present, there are two main shapes of electronic weighing scale on the market: one is round and the other is square. Under the same size, the square area is larger than the round area, so when weighing, the human body stands on it, and the square electronic scale is more comfortable, stable and has more room to stand than the round one.

2. Accuracy and bearing range of weighing scale

The accuracy of electronic weighing scale is related to whether the measured weight is accurate enough. Inferior electronic weighing scale is usually only accurate to the whole number, while good electronic weighing scale is generally accurate to 0.1kg. In addition, the bearing range of electronic weighing scale must be considered when purchasing. At present, the bearing range of electronic weighing scale with good quality can reach more than 150KG.

3. Intelligence level of weighing scale

The intelligence of electronic weighing scale scale has great influence on the convenience of use and the durability of battery. Good quality electronic weighing scale scale adopts intelligent weighing design, without switch. When the human body stands on the electronic weighing scale scale, the electronic weighing scale scale will automatically start up and weigh. After not using for a few seconds, it can also automatically shut down, which is very convenient and durable.

4. Three-character formula of "thin and accurate" of weighing scale

There are many kinds of weighing scale, so we can follow the principle of "light and accurate". Light, electronic scales should not be too heavy, and it is difficult to move them, so it is not convenient. Thin, which reflects the technical content. The thinner it is, the finer the parts inside. Accurate, needless to say, the most important purchasing standard, the higher the accuracy, the better.

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