How to Do Waterproof Testing for Electronic Scales?

As we all know, electronic scale is the most commonly used weighing tool in daily life, and it is also the one that comes into contact with water the most. Therefore, when businesses choose a desktop scale, they mostly consider the waterproof performance of the desktop scale. So how should the waterproof test of the desktop scale be done to see the effect?

Can the electronic weighing scale have overload alarm?

In this era of technological advancement, the advent of many high-tech products has brought about tremendous changes to people's daily lives, and it has also brought about tremendous changes to the electronic weighing scale industry. In the past, people's concept of electronic weighing scales was simply for weighing, and there were no more demands. But now people have stricter requirements for electronic weighing scales. They not only need basic functions, but also various reminder signals to facilitate operation.

Currently, the electronic weighing scale industry does have overload alarms, but this overload alarm needs to be set. When the electronic weighing scale or truck scale is manufactured, the manufacturer sets the upper and lower limits for the overload alarm. When the value reaches a certain point, the system will automatically remind and alarm to notify that it is overloaded. However, not all electronic scales can achieve this performance. Of course, when the electronic scale is overloaded, there will be a beeping alarm sound, but it is not loud. The operator needs to pay special attention to be able to hear it.

Therefore, if a business requires an electronic scale with overload alarm, it is best to choose this type of electronic scale when purchasing. If an explosion-proof performance electronic scale is needed, then choose an explosion-proof scale, which can be helpful for production.

Waterproof testing of electronic scales

Conducting a waterproof experiment on an electronic scale is actually relatively simple. Just pour water onto the weighing pan of the desktop scale and check whether there is any water leakage. Of course, this is only one aspect of waterproofing and does not indicate any problems. Then, do a waterproof test at the buttons by pouring some water on the buttons and check whether the screen becomes unclear or blurry. If it happens, then the waterproofing is not up to standard. This kind of waterproof experiment seems to be relatively simple, and any weighing tool can be tested in this way, such as barcode printing scales. Just do the waterproof test at the buttons, but never pour water directly into the internal components.

Although the explosion-proof scale is essentially waterproof, it is only externally waterproof, not the entire component. Therefore, everyone should do the test from external waterproofing instead of opening the cover and pouring water into the internal components. Such a test is obviously unwise. Even a cashier scale cannot pass this waterproof test.

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