Analysis of Verification Strategy of Floor Scales Measurement Performance

Floor scales are specialized measuring tools for bulk items, which are the most basic instruments in measuring work and determine the efficiency and quality of verification. They have the advantages of being easy to read, easy to understand, easy to operate, and reliable in data. However, during use, they may also be affected by factors such as the condition of the equipment itself and the environment.

Standard Verification Process for Electronic Floor Scales

The related standards for the verification of floor scales are the main basis for the verification of floor scales, which have corresponding requirements for the verification process and the personnel involved. First of all, for the personnel involved in the verification process, it is necessary to confirm their relevant experience and qualifications in metrology work, and only those who have obtained professional qualifications can participate in the verification work to ensure the smooth progress of the verification work. In addition, to rigorously control the verification process, strict accountability should be imposed for issues such as false verification and missed verification, which creates constraints and attracts the attention of relevant personnel, thereby maximizing the elimination of errors.

Control the Accuracy of the Floor Scales

In order to ensure the accuracy of verification, different tolerance standards should be specified for different types of floor scales. Moreover, different accuracy requirements for different verification objects need to be specified, using different equipment. For objects requiring high accuracy, traditional weighbridge equipment should not be used and more precise floor scales should be used, for example, medical electronic floor scales should be used for verification work in the medical field. In addition, during the verification process, in order to ensure the reliability of the verification results and to ensure that the verification results have traceable basis, accurate records should be kept to ensure the reliability of the verification results.

Environmental Control of Electronic Floor Scales

The verification site is selected based on the actual verification needs. In some cases, the process will be completed in a laboratory, while in other cases, it will be completed in a workshop. However, regardless of the location where the verification work is completed, environmental factors will have a certain impact on the actual verification results. Therefore, good environmental management must be done to ensure the smooth completion of verification work. In a laboratory environment, special attention should be paid to interference phenomena that may occur during the verification process, and temperature and humidity meters should be used to observe and control the temperature and humidity of the environment using professional means. If the verification site is in a workshop, a prior survey of the verification equipment conditions and environment must be conducted to ensure that the environment meets the specified requirements before starting the verification work, thus ensuring the reliability of the subsequent verification results.

Quality Control of Original Data for Electronic Floor Scales

The final conclusion feedback of verification work and calibration and testing activities is reflected through the original data. The most important basis and information in verification work are the unprocessed raw data. Only by ensuring that verification data is not processed can the reproducibility of the final verification results be guaranteed under similar conditions. To ensure the relevance of the records, different data recording methods should be selected depending on the equipment and object being verified. The contents of the records should include the verification date, verification method, equipment number, and the unit being verified, and should also include the signatures of relevant personnel.

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