How to Use a Floor Scale for Long-Lasting Use?

Electronic floor scale is a common specialized tool for measurement calibration. It is a key weighing system used by mining enterprises to measure and calibrate bulk cargoes. We often see these large electronic floor scales on highways at toll stations or in large and medium-sized production facilities such as quarries and sandstone factories. These scales are typically installed on the road to weigh the tonnage of large trucks. So, how can we make these types of scales sturdy and durable?

Preparations before using electronic floor scales

Please place the electronic floor scale on a stable and level road surface, without placing it in areas with large temperature fluctuations or strong air flow, such as near air conditioning vents. Use a separate power plug to prevent interference from other household appliances. Adjust the leveling feet of the scale to make it stable, with the bubble in the leveler centered within the circle. Do not place any objects on the weighing platform after turning on the main power. Before use, warm up the scale for more than 20 minutes.

Choose the raw materials for electronic floor scales based on company-specific characteristics

For companies operating in extreme natural environments with significant corrosion, concrete countertop scales can be chosen, and measures should be taken to remove rust and corrosion from the scale, followed by applying a layer of paint. Electronic floor scales in stone factories should be regularly inspected to see if there are any dirt or coal dust stuck between the scale and the floor. If so, it should be immediately removed. During rainy days, the accumulated water in deep foundation pits should be drained immediately to avoid prolonged immersion of the sensors, which can cause common faults.

Calibrate the electronic floor scales regularly

Calibration should be conducted once a year. If there are standards available, calibration can be performed every 1-3 months. Calibration key points can be entrusted to reputable electronic balance companies. If used in processing plants, a set of suitable and certified electronic balances can be ordered for regular calibration.

In addition, there are several basic maintenance knowledge and precautions for maintaining electronic floor scales. For example, during thunderstorms or when leaving work, unplug the power switch; during storms or periods of lightning, the use of scales is prohibited, and pedestrians are strictly prohibited from touching the steel scale; non-professional personnel should not open the instrument equipment or perform repairs on sensors; if the truck scale malfunctions, contact the manufacturer or professional technicians for testing and maintenance.

As we all know, truck scales are widely used in ports, warehousing and logistics, processing plants, and freight stations. Their excellent performance, reliability, and stability not only improve the efficiency of material supply and foreign trade transactions in factories and mining enterprises but also deeply integrate into the monitoring of the production process and the comprehensive data management system of the company, achieving intelligent weighing management methods.

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