How to Prevent Cheating on Electronic Scales?

Electronic scales may not seem as heavy as we imagine when using them, but the final result will tell us that their weight is indeed accurate. Cheating may occur in this situation, so what are the cheating methods used for electronic scales? It is important to understand these methods in order to better deal with them.

Cargo plate connected to hanging ropes

When cheating with electronic scales, the cargo plate is usually connected to the entire scale with very thin nylon ropes. Because it is inside the scale, consumers will not easily notice this type of cheating. When the weighed goods are placed on the scale's tray, the vendor will push the tray forward, causing tension on the nylon ropes. The tension will affect the electronic scale, and the heavier the weighed object, the greater the tension, enabling cheating to occur.

Cheating by leaving a mark on the scales

Some vendors will store certain numbers when weighing, and these saved numbers will be calculated along with the purchased goods, which will then be included in the final price charged to consumers.

Modifying the measurement unit of the electronic scale

When using electronic scales, the unit of measurement may be changed. From an international perspective, electronic scales are calibrated using specific passwords. By inputting these passwords on the keyboard of the electronic scale and then pressing the adjust key, the weights can be adjusted. However, the display on the electronic scale is always in kilograms, with a conversion factor of 2. Many vendors intentionally set this factor to 2.1 to increase profits.

The main function of intelligent electronic scales is intelligent weighing. The scale can show our weight after three seconds when we step on it. It can also set an alarm clock to remind us to weigh ourselves. After weighing, the alarm clock will automatically stop, and it can analyze our body mass index. By connecting to WiFi, it can also synchronize our weight and health information into a personal health center. Standing barefoot on the smart electronic scale, it can analyze the fat ratio inside our body through our feet, and record all data.

Intelligent electronic scales have good reliability and other technical principles. Hence, they are being increasingly used in commercial activities and are increasingly loved by the general public.

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