What Are the Parameter Requirements Needed in the Process of Customizing Electronic Hanging Scales?

Currently, with the increase in varieties of electronic weighing equipment, the new design of crane scales has also become more efficient in the actual weighing process. However, many manufacturers' electronic crane scales have many parts that adopt automatic reset function, for the convenience of weighing.

Main parts of automatic reset function of electronic crane scales

Automatic reset function of power on/off. Generally, when using electronic platform scales, if you forget to turn off the power, it will automatically turn off after a certain period of time if it has automatic function. This will prevent damage to the battery. Therefore, the design requirements and standards for automatic functions are higher, in order to solve some forgetfulness problems in daily use.

Of course, there is also an automatic battery alarm function. After the crane scale is fully charged, it can be used for a long time. When the battery capacity becomes lower, it will automatically alarm when it is below 10%. Therefore, in terms of the design function of the parts, this also achieves automation and brings improved usability. In short, grasping the automatic effect will become better and better.

Parameter requirements for electronic hanging scale customization

In recent years, with the increasing popularity of electronic hanging scales, if customers have a large demand, they will basically choose to customize from manufacturers. Because customized products are designed strictly according to customers' actual weighing requirements, the advantages in all aspects of customization will be more abundant. Therefore, what parameter requirements need to be provided during the customization process?

The range and design structure are provided by the customer in the form of relevant drawings. Only then can the electronic hanging scale manufacturers start to produce the electronic platform scales, ensuring a higher standard of quality, and a more professional appearance from every angle and in terms of safety level and functionality. In the design process, a suitable scale that meets the actual requirements can be designed by combining with the actual usage.

Considering the requirements of the electronic crane scale in usage, in the design process, it is necessary to reasonably grasp the key points of the relevant functions. Only when the functions become more and more perfect, can we have more peace of mind in weighing. Therefore, it can be seen that there are more diversifications in the key points and details of customization, and it is hoped to bring better choices in the usage process.

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