Working Principle, Structure and Characteristics of Truck Scale

1. Working principle of truck scale

The vehicle is parked on the weighing platform of the truck scale. Under the action of gravity, the weighing platform transmits gravity to the sensor, and the elastic body attached to the sensor deforms, and the strain resistance of the elastic body strain beam and the bridge pavement loses balance, and an electrical signal proportional to the weight is output. The amplified signal passes through a linear amplifier, and then is converted into a digital signal through A/D. After micro-processing, the instrument directly displays the weight number. After the printer is configured, the weighing data can be printed. After the computer is configured, the measurement data can be directly input into the weighing management system for comprehensive management.

2. Structure of automobile electronic weighing apparatus

Load-bearing part: all devices that transfer the weight of the object to the weighing sensor of the truck scale, including the weighing platform, suspension connection unit, safety limiting device, grounding device and infrastructure.Weighing sensor: between the weighing platform and the foundation of the truck scale, the weight of the weighed object is converted into the corresponding electrical signal, which is output to the weighing display instrument through the signal cable for weighing test. Produced by the weighing indicator manufacturer, it can also be equipped with printers, large-screen monitors, computers, regulated power supplies and other external devices. The function of the limiter is to ensure that the weighing result is accurate and the error is small (the scale can work safely even if there is strong impact or hurricane and other external forces). The limiter is mainly used to prevent the lateral movement and vibration amplitude of the scale platform.

3. Characteristics and main uses of electronic truck scale

Compared with the traditional mechanical weighing instruments and other ground weighing instruments, the new truck scale designed the professional digital scale manufacturer has the advantages of fast weighing speed, high precision, high sensitivity, digital display, intuitive and easy reading, strong stability, high reliability, long service life, etc., especially in dangerous and harsh environments, it can better reflect the role of the truck scale. The whole automatic weighing system has stable and reliable high-precision sensors and intelligent instrument display. The instrument has the advantages of high sensitivity, high resolution, good stability and reliability, and easy printing. If the weighing management system consists of computer and weighing software, it can also realize remote transmission and centralized automatic management of weighing.

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