Introduction to the Features and Characteristics of Electronic Floor Scales

Electronic floor scale consists of weighing sensors, weighing display screens, and modular design load service platforms. The construction of electronic floor scales is simple, assembly is convenient, processing speed is high, long-term work reliability is good, and electronic floor scales can be configured with display screens, copiers, and electronic computer intelligent management systems according to customer needs.

The characteristics of electronic floor scales


Refers to the ability to restore to the original state after the delicate balance state of the weighing scale is disturbed and swung.


Refers to the ability to respond to small changes. The weighing scale is more sensitive when it can display smaller weights.


Indicates the degree of consistency between the measurement result and the true value.

Indication invariance

Refers to the consistent measurement results of the same load in a constant environmental condition and at the same location.

Electronic floor scales have many significant advantages compared to traditional weighing scales, such as quick weighing, accuracy, high sensitivity, digital display, intuitive and easy-to-read, stability, strong reliability, and long lifespan.

The entire electronic floor scale system includes stable and reliable high-precision sensors and intelligent weighing display instruments, which have the advantages of high sensitivity, high resolution, stability, and easy printing. If the electronic floor scale is combined with weighing management software, it can realize long-distance transmission and centralized automated management.

The common functions of electronic floor scales are:

  • The electronic floor scale can indicate net weight, tare weight, net weight, duration, serial number, license plate number, and product number.

  • The electronic floor scale has power-off protection and long-term data storage memory.

  • The weighing platform of the electronic floor scale is modular and easy to assemble, and the stiffness of the beam bridge is good.

  • The construction of the electronic floor scale is reasonable, using digital communication system technology to achieve long-distance signal transmission and improve lightning protection capabilities.

  • The electronic floor scale adopts intelligent technology, which can reasonably avoid human errors.

  • The data calibration technology of the electronic floor scale solves the problem of recalibration after replacing the weighing sensor.

  • The electronic floor scale has the ability to confirm the zero position change of the weighing instrument panel and the communication change of the weighing sensor.

  • As a measurement device for weighing large and medium-sized goods, electronic floor scales are widely used in coal mining, road transportation, customs, agricultural product markets, construction sites, etc.

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