Advantages and Current Applications of Electronic Truck Scales Modification

Electronic truck scale uses the principle of strain gauge measurement to weigh. Strain gauges are attached to the elastic body of the weighing sensor, forming a Wheatstone bridge. When there is no load, the bridge is in equilibrium and the output is zero. When the elastic body is subjected to a load, each strain gauge produces a strain proportional to the load, and the external load can be measured by the output voltage.

Structure of electronic truck scale

Electronic truck scale is mainly composed of a load carrier, a weighing display instrument, a weighing sensor, connecting parts, a limit device and a junction box, and can also be equipped with external devices such as printers, large screen displays, computers, weighing management software and stabilizing power supplies. Connecting the truck scale to a computer and printing the weighing ticket is currently a new management method. The weighing management system is composed of a computer, printer, instrument, weighing software, and truck scale. The vehicle is weighed twice, the gross weight minus the tare weight equals the net weight, and the weighing ticket is printed.

Advantages of electronic truck scale

Advantages of electronic commercial truck scale and current status of transformation and application

For a long time, traditional mechanical lever scales have been used for measuring large-scale loads and trade settlements in the factory workshop because they cannot achieve automatic measurement and are prone to introduce various errors during manual operation, especially when weighing loads in and out of various import and export companies, the contradictions caused by inaccurate weighing are particularly prominent, which to some extent causes unnecessary economic losses to enterprises. In order to make the weighing and measuring technology meet the needs of modern production, a direct, fast, accurate and modern weighing and measuring instrument "electronic truck scale" has been quickly popularized and applied in various factories and mines.

Electronic truck scale is an electronic scale weighing equipment that uses the "electrical transformation principle" to convert non-electric quantities of weight into electric ones and displays them. In short, it is a balance with electronic devices installed. Its outstanding advantages are:

  • Fast weighing speed, high accuracy, intuitive and reliable data display, and no reading error.

  • Small size, light weight, simple structure, and easy operation.

  • Weighing results can be remotely transmitted, which is convenient for automatic measurement and computer management in production processes.

  • Good long-term stability.

According to the outstanding advantages of this type of electronic scale, the manufacturer has carried out electronic transformation of the original mechanical lever scale sold by the supply and marketing department. The electronic truck scale retains all the measurement performance of the original mechanical lever scale, and has the advantages of fast weighing speed, intuitive and reliable reading, no reading error, and stable operation. When the electronic truck scale is equipped with automatic printing equipment, the original measurement data of the weighed vehicle, such as vehicle number, sequence number, cargo number, time, date, gross weight, tare weight, net weight, etc., can be printed and recorded. The recorded data is true and reliable, effectively eliminating the influence of various factors on the weighed load, and improving the accuracy of weighing.

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